DGS Solutions Overview

Delivering Finance Solutions that Meet Client Objectives

Diversified Growth Solutions (DGS) addresses specific Client transaction requirements by structuring and deploying customized financial strategies.  For commercial real estate projects, DGS applies these solutions to the senior, secured debt component of the project finance stack.  For transactions that involve life insurance, DGS provides innovative product designs and finance solutions that involve relevant institutional capital sources.

Many Clients tell us that they are looking for a solutions partner who will truly listen to them and understand their perspectives and finance objectives.  They are seeking a consulting partner that will be open to and capable of developing highly customized finance solutions that deliver a clear competitive advantage to the Client.  That's where DGS' team of professionals can bring their experience and expertise to meet our Clients' needs and expectations.

Assembling the Component Elements of Solutions

For commercial real estate developers with superior projects and a strong credit standing, DGS provides the platform and consultancy to help our Clients achieve their objectives.  Deploying subject matter experts to deliver our turnkey finance process, we significantly lower the costs of senior debt capital with flexibility in finance terms and options that allow Clients to exit their finance strategy without prepayment penalties.  These are clear advantages for our Clients in the very competitive CRE finance marketplace.

Alternatively, for corporate and governmental Clients concerned with funding for current and future employee benefit obligations, DGS has access to a growing number of life insurance premium funding strategies designed to help reduce the cost of using life insurance to provide funds to pay for valuable employee benefit programs.

Finally, for affluent individuals interested in addressing estate planning or capital creation considerations, DGS provides Clients an opportunity to achieve their financial objectives by utilizing life insurance premium funding strategies that are unique in the industry. In affiliation with our industry partners, DGS is able to deliver attractive insurance products from some of the largest and most influential insurance providers in the U.S.

Why Work with DGS?

At Diversified Growth Solutions, we align our interests with that of our Clients.

  • We listen to our Clients to gain an understanding of their needs and objectives, then provide relevant solutions
  • We strive to help Clients achieve financial success
  • “Skin in the game” – our compensation is aligned with our Client’s success. We charge no up-front fees
  • Our approach is to be open-minded to the specific finance needs of each Client and each transaction.  We aren’t simply pitching canned solutions.  Instead, we engage with our Clients to deliver solutions that are in their absolute best interest