Funding Solutions for Life Insurance

Multi-million dollar permanent life insurance policies are expensive.  DGS offers funding strategies for life insurance premiums that are up to 95% less expensive than traditional alternatives.

Through long-standing affiliations with industry partners responsible for funding premiums on over $4 billion of life insurance, DGS is able to secure low cost funding for insurance policies from a number of the largest and most influential U.S. insurance carriers.

Insurance for Affluent Individuals

For affluent individuals interested in estate planning and capital creation, DGS provides attractive funding solutions that can improve the economics under large life insurance purchases.

Corporate Multi-Life Insurance Programs (CMIP)

For corporate or governmental entities that implement a corporate multi-life insurance program, CMIP represents a highly-efficient, tax-advantaged strategy designed to generate discretionary capital for any number of corporate programs including recruitment and retention of high-value employees.